Target Accused of Failing to Pay Overtime to Warehouse Group Leaders, According to Outten & Golden LLP and Louis Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C.

PRNewswire Outten & Golden LLP
March 29, 2016

A new federal class action lawsuit accuses retail giant Target Corp. of violating employment laws by failing to pay overtime compensation to group leaders in the company’s warehouses, according to the law firms of Outten & Golden LLP and Louis Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C.

According to the lawsuit, Target misclassifies group leaders in its warehouses as exempt from overtime pay requirements, and fails to pay them for all hours worked. The legal team will seek to have the lawsuit certified as a class action to recover unpaid overtime, liquidated damages and penalties.

The lawsuit ““ LaPointe v. Target Corporation, No. 1:16-CV-00216 ““ is pending in the Northern District of New York federal court.

Plaintiffs’ counsel Jahan C. Sagafi, of Outten & Golden LLP, said, This lawsuit seeks fair compensation for the many Target group leaders who have worked long hours to make sure that the products we enjoy from Target get to Target’s many stores throughout the country. ”

Plaintiffs’ counsel Louis Ginsberg, of Louis Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C. said, These workers in the warehouses deserve to get paid overtime when they sacrifice family time to do extra work. ”

Current and former Target group leaders who wish to report their work experiences or learn more about the lawsuit should visit The site allows witnesses, current employees, and former employees interested in protecting their rights to contact plaintiffs’ counsel.

Contacts: Jahan C. Sagafi, Outten & Golden LLP, (415) 638-8808, @email,; Louis Ginsberg, Louis Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C., (917) 224-1908, @email,