Former Strippers File $10M Lawsuit Against Three Manhattan Strip Clubs

New York Daily News Daniel Beekman
September 18, 2013

These strippers are looking for a $10 million payday, and not in $1 bills.

Two former exotic dancers slapped three Manhattan strip clubs with a class-action lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court Tuesday, claiming they were cheated out of pay.

Melody Flynn and Martina Antoinette de Truff, both of Jersey City, argue they were entitled to minimum hourly wages for their work at Private Eyes, New York Dolls and FlashDancers. Instead, they received only tips from horndog customers.

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Flynn and de Truff claim they were misclassified as independent contractors despite having their behavior micromanaged.

Their lawyers estimate the lawsuit could result in 1,000 strippers winning more than $10 million in back wages since 2007.

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