Failed Mayoral Candidate Catsimatidis Appears in Court Over Failure to Pay Overtime to Gristedes Workers

New York Daily News Daniel Beekman
September 19, 2013

John Catsimatidis is on some losing streak.

The wannabe mayor who lost his bid for the Republican nomination last week has agreed to cough up an additional $645,000 to the lawyers of Gristedes supermarket workers who sued him for unpaid overtime.

The grocery store mogul, who showed up two hours late to Manhattan Federal Court Thursday, has already ponied up $3.9 million in legal fees and is in the process of paying the workers $3.9 million as a result of a settlement reached in 2009.

Catsimatidis, whose net worth is $3 billion, has fought tooth and nail on every aspect of the lawsuit, arguing that the lawyers for the workers have been trying to ruin his business.

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Justin Swartz, lawyer for the workers, said justice ultimately prevailed.

“It was a long fight for a good cause,” Swartz said. “The most important thing was that our clients were compensated for their hard work.”

Swartz said Catsimatidis has dragged his feet on payments to the workers.

The billionaire businessman said he was late to court Thursday because the judge waited until Wednesday night to tell him that he had to appear.

“I had to rearrange things,” Catsimatidis said.