Alto Is Latest To Be Accused of Wage Violations - Daniel Maurer
August 31, 2010

As Michael White and Chris Cannon prepare to open  an osteria in Soho, another of their restaurants,  Alto, is the latest to be sued for labor violations, according to a press release issued by Outten & Golden LLP (the firm also involved in the  case against Mario Batali  and others). Here’s the meat of the complaint, filed yesterday by current employees Arturo Reyes, Daniel Medino, and Jose Arenas: [D]espite their great success, which Cannon and White achieved on the backs of their waitstaff, they required their waitstaff to share their hard-earned tips with tip ineligible workers, including the General Manager of  Alto, that they unlawfully took a tip credit and paid less than the full minimum wage, that they denied their waitstaff spread-of-hours pay, and that they required them to purchase and launder required uniforms. ”

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