individual case news

Law360—Vin Gurrieri

The Sixth Circuit on Wednesday revived a FedEx aviation mechanic’s claim that his pension contributions were miscalculated for periods he was on military leave... Outten & Golden LLP Counsel Peter Romer-Friedman is quoted.

The Connector

Outten & Golden LLP partner Tammy Marzigliano is featured in this issue (p. 28).

Bloomberg BNA — Kevin McGowan

Outten & Golden partner David Lopez is quoted regarding a 7th circuit federal appeals court for the first time has ruled that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits sexual orientation discrimination. 

Hollywood Reporter—Lorena O'Neil

As advertisers continue to pull ads from The O'Reilly Factor following news he settled several sexual harassment claims, advocacy organizations are calling for the firing of host Bill O'Reilly. Outten & Golden partner Darnley D. Stewart is quoted.

Bloomberg BNA-Daily Labor Report—Kevin McGowan

When do you celebrate a loss? When you think it might signal a win down the road. Outten & Golden LLP partner David Lopez is quoted.

Bloomberg BNA — Kevin McGowan

Federal civil rights law doesn’t prohibit employment discrimination against gay and lesbian workers, a federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled. Outten & Golden LLP partner David Lopez is quoted.

Outten & Golden LLP

Today, Outten & Golden's client Lieutenant Kevin Ziober joined former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, Senators Al Franken, Richard Blumenthal, Richard Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Sheldon Whitehouse and other Members of Congress in speaking out against unfair, forced arbitration agreements and in support of the Arbitration Fairness Act and the Servicemembers Access to Justice Act. Outten & Golden represents Lieutenant Kevin Ziober.