individual case news

Washington Post—Alyssa Rosenberg

[I]nfluential women — and men, especially those who want to be considered feminists — could use their influence to advance gender equity on their sets and in their industry at large. Outten & Golden partner Kathleen Peratis is quoted.

Buzzfeed—Davey Alba

BuzzFeed News asked major tech companies if they’d pursue legal action against NDA-bound employees who speak out about workplace harassment or assault. Here’s what they said. Outten & Golden Counsel Peter Romer-Friedman is quoted.

WBUR-On Point—Tom Ashbrook

Gretchen Carlson, O&G partner Kathleen Peratis discuss Non-Disclosure Agreements and arbitration. Bill O’Reilly’s $32 million sex settlement shocker. Harvey Weinstein. A reckoning for non-disclosure agreements. Is it time to stop buying silence?

San Francisco Chronical—Suja A. Thomas and David Lopez

Partner David Lopez, and Suja A. Thomas, authored an editorial about the scandals involving Harvey Weinstein, Silicon Valley and Fox News.

Bloomberg BNA—Rebecca Greenfield

Nondisclosure agreements and other contracts ensure that some employees stay quiet about harassment. Outten & Golden LLP Counsel Peter Romer-Friedman is quoted.

NBC—Elizabeth Chuck

Outten & Golden LLP attorney Nina Frank is quoted regarding Woody Allen's comments on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.—Chelsea Levinson

Outten & Golden LLP attorney Nina Frank is interviewed about the process of hiring a lawyer, and making a workplace sexual harassment claim.