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Gristedes Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Goes Class Action

New York Magazine – Grub Street - Daniel Maurer

Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis had better head to whatever aisle the aspirin is in, because he has a new headache on his hands. A gender-discrimination complaint that was initiated in 2006 has finally been certified as a class-action suit. Three plaintiffs (Susan Duling, Margaret Anderson, and Lakeya Sewer) are alleging that the store violates the civil rights of its female employees by considering them only for dead-end cashier and bookkeeping jobs, while men get clerk positions that lead to promotions. (Anderson claims that when she asked about stock-clerk positions during a job interview, a male manager told her he needed “big guys.”) The lawsuit also alleges that the supermarket chain’s “tap on the shoulder” method of promoting employees gives an undue amount of discretion to its mostly male managers.