Solidarity Against Racism and Police Violence – A Message from O&G

Public Interest Committee

Much of the work of the Public Interest Committee (PIC) consists of representing individuals with just and worthy causes who could not otherwise afford our services. The cases of our PIC clients typically would not satisfy the firm’s commercial standards from a cost-benefit perspective. The firm takes such cases because they call out for justice and/or because they promote the public interest. The PIC meets periodically to consider potential cases - some of which arise through the firm’s regular intake process, while others are referred by the firm’s public interest partners. PIC clients receive the same excellent representation as our regular clients.

Kathleen Peratis

Co-Chair PIC Committee

Eliana J. Theodorou

Co-Chair PIC Committee

The Public Interest Committee is chaired by Kathleen Peratis and co-chaired by the Public Interest Fellow, Eliana Theodorou. Members of the Public Interest Committee include: Deirdre AaronAmy Biegelsen, Molly Brooks, Michael Danna, Nina Frank, Luis Hansen, Sabine JeanMaya JumperChristopher McNerney, Ossai Miazad, Aliaksandra RamanenkaJenny Schwartz, Michael Scimone, Justin Swartz, and Cody Yorke.

After the 2016 national election, the firm formed the Outten & Golden Resistance Task Force to expand its public interest work.  The task force reached out to many public interest partners and sought out additional partners, especially those protecting immigrants and undocumented workers, to offer additional resources and deeper commitments. The firm also expanded its representation of people who are especially vulnerable under policies of the Trump Administration. For example, we are collaborating with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund to bring discrimination class actions against companies for categorically excluding DACA recipients from jobs, loans, and credit. Other clients include garment workers, restaurant kitchen workers, retail clerks, building superintendents, and delivery workers.