Intake Process

Our intake process is designed to help both the prospective client and the Outten & Golden attorney learn about the potential claim and the options for legal action or other types of problem-solving.

Individuals considering retaining Outten & Golden can contact the firm through the Contact Us form or by calling us (see the bottom of this page for our telephone numbers). An O&G client services representative will then collect basic information such as the name of the employer involved in a dispute or disagreement and a short statement of the reason for contacting the firm. Our representative will also request home and work telephone numbers and the best times to call.

Following this initial contact, the client services representative will arrange for the appropriate O&G lawyer to call as promptly as possible - generally within 24 to 48 hours. There is no charge for the initial attorney conversation.

Emergency Response. When a prospective client requires an immediate response, the client service representative will try to the extent possible to arrange for an available O&G lawyer to take the call.

Specific Attorney Requests and Follow-up. While a prospective client may request a specific O&G lawyer, the requested lawyer may not be the one who returns the client call. That attorney may not be available, or another attorney may be better qualified to handle the case. In either situation, the prospective client will be apprised of the change and the reason.