Fees & Billing

Most of Outten & Golden's legal services for individual clients are rendered on an hourly fee basis. Except for potential class actions, O&G charges for initial consultations on an hourly basis. Fee arrangements beyond the consultation depend on the circumstances and will be discussed at the initial consultation. Other than class actions, most cases are handled on an hourly fee basis.

Under most fee arrangements, the client is required to pay for certain out-of-pocket expenses that O&G incurs in representing the client. These include long-distance telephone charges, photocopying and faxing expenses, necessary secretarial overtime, messengers and court services, special postage and express delivery charges, court filing fees, court reporters and deposition transcripts, and expert witness fees.

O&G provides a retainer agreement outlining the terms that the client is expected to sign and return promptly, together with a retainer deposit, if applicable, which is applied to future fees and expenses. The retainer amount depends on numerous factors, including the projected charges in the near term; it will be discussed at the initial consultation. O&G may require supplemental retainer deposits as the need arises. Any unused portion of a retainer deposit is returned after the matter is concluded.

O&G sends bills every month, except when the amount is small or in other limited circumstances. Clients are expected to pay any amounts due within 30 days of receipt; interest may be charged thereafter. Any questions about bills will be addressed promptly and fairly.