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Daily News - Thomas Zambito

Workers for Mama Mexico restaurant owner Juan Rojas Campos claim the former dishwasher has forgotten he used to be one of them - and is cheating them out of wages.

PRWeb - Jack Raisner

The collapse of one of the largest mortgage lenders has left 1000+ employees without jobs and possibly without health insurance, despite the company's reassurances that jobs were safe - even on the day of the shut-down.

Kati Cornell

Embattled construction giant Bovis Lend Lease is being hit with a class-action suit yesterday for allegedly stiffing employees on overtime pay.

Los Angeles Times - Tiffany Hsu

Jobless workers learn many companies use credit screenings

Ianthe Jeanne Dugan

Severe U.S. job cuts have exposed weaknesses in a federal law meant to cushion the blow of mass layoffs.

The National Law Journal - Tresa Baldas

As Congress considers a tougher, layoff notification law, employment lawyers are warning employers to brace for more scrutiny and potential litigation involving how they execute mass layoffs.

Chicago Tribune - Tiffany Hsu

Experts say up to half of employers use credit screening to weed out potentially troublesome hires, and the practice is on the rise.