class action news—Jonathan Bilyk

Facing a growing number of lawsuits over its alleged treatment of assistant store managers, sub sandwich restaurant chain Jimmy John’s has asked a Chicago federal judge to determine exactly how much responsibility it should bear for how its franchisees classify, pay and manage those assistant managers.

Public Justice

Public Justice’s 2017 Trial Lawyer of the Year award was presented to ... the legal team (lead by Outten & Golden) that brought a class action suit in Gonzalez v. Pritzker alleged that the Census Bureau’s reliance on a flawed background check process had a substantial disparate impact on over 400,000 African American and Hispanic job applicants in violation of Title VII, the federal law prohibiting discrimination in the workplace.

The class action lawsuit filed in federal court in the Southern District of New York in December 2015 reached a resolution this week that ... could amount to about a $2,500 payout for each of the 643 workers in the class. Partner Justin M. Swartz is quoted.

Tne New York TImes—Gardiner Harris

The State Department is now quietly allowing dozens of young women and minority students to become full-fledged diplomats after threatening to rescind job offers that most of the students were given two years ago upon winning prestigious scholarships. Outten & Golden Counsel Peter Romer-Friedman is quoted.

Wall Street Journal—Austen Hufford

Chapter-based, for-profit media companies like Spoon University and Odyssey have been popping up in college markets across the U.S. Outten & Golden LLP partner Juno Turner is quoted.

Huffington Post—Emily Peck

The bank’s policy gives new dads just two weeks off, then it’s back to the office. Outten & Golden, with ACLU co-counsel, represent the plaintiff.

Bloomberg—Josh Eidelson

The American Civil Liberties Union is accusing JPMorgan Chase & Co. of violating the Civil Rights Act by discriminating against fathers when they ask for parental leave. Outten & Golden, with co-counsel, represent the plaintiff.