class action news

New York Post—Lisa Fickenscher

The 52-year-old restaurant chain has agreed to pay a whopping $19.1 million to settle accusations that it chronically underpaid its servers, bussers, runners and bartenders for years. Outten & Golden LLP partner Justin M. Swartz is quoted.

Fortune—Annalyn Kurtz

Outten & Golden LLP partner David Lopez is quoted re: what employers need to know about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Business Insider—Sadie Gurman

Outten & Golden LLP partner David Lopez is quoted re: possible appointment of Eric Dreiband as Justice Department's civil rights division.

Outten & Golden LLP attorney Jack Raisner and his partners filed lawsuits against both Westinghouse and SCANA at the beginning of August.



NPR—Yuki Noguchi

The Justice Department this week took the position that sexual orientation is not protected under civil rights discrimination laws. That contradicts a circuit court ruling from earlier this year.

Law360—Braden Campbell

Outten & Golden attorney Sally J. Abrahamson is quoted re: The U.S. Department of Justice weighed in on one of the hottest topics in employment law Wednesday, ... telling the Second Circuit that the statute does not prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Law360—Vin Gurrieri

House lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill to narrow the definition of joint employment under federal wage and labor law — a change ... that employee advocates fear could shield companies that outsource labor from facing liability for workplace violations. Outten & Golden LLP partner Rachel Bien is quoted.