class action news

Reuters—Jonathan Stempel

A federal judge ruled that women accusing Goldman Sachs Group Inc of discriminating against them in pay, promotions and performance reviews may pursue their claims as a group in a class-action lawsuit. Outten & Golden LLP Deputy Managing partner Adam T. Klein, with co-counsel, represents the plaintiffs.

Law360—RJ Vogt

Lyft Inc. has agreed to pay $1.95 million to a class of nearly 246,000 drivers. Outten & Golden attorneys represent the plaintiffs.

Wall Street Journal—Erica E. Phillips

Class-action filing at federal regulatory agency charges workers lag behind in job opportunities after taking family leave. Outten & Golden LLP DC partner David Lopez, with co-counsel, filed the lawsuit.


Telemundo interviews plaintiffs represented by Outten & Golden attorneys Jahan Sagafi, Rachel Williams Dempsey, and Iris Mattes.

Law360—Dave Simpson

Uber Technologies Inc. agreed Monday to pay $10 million and make changes to its systems for evaluating workers to end a proposed class action in California federal court brought by female software engineers and engineers of color who claim they haven’t been paid equally by the ride-hailing company. Outten & Golden LLP partner Jahan C. Sagafi represents the plaintiffs.

Law360—Cara Bayles

Waiters, bartenders and other service workers told the en banc Ninth Circuit on Tuesday that they’re underpaid for tasks that don’t garner tips. Outten & Golden LLP partner Jahan Sagafi presented oral arguments.

Vox—Rachel Wolfe

For unpaid interns on Capitol Hill, secrecy is so much a part of the job that on their first day, many are required to sign sweeping nondisclosure agreements. Outten & Golden LLP Counsel Peter Romer-Friedman is quoted.