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Bloomberg—By Dune Lawrence and Max Abelson

Cristina Chen-Oster’s fight with Goldman Sachs began in 2005. It just got huge. Outten & Golden LLP attorneys, with co-counsel, represent the plaintiffs.

Human Resource Executive — Jennifer Colletta

After coming under fire for what critics said was racially biased hiring practices, Target Corp. recently agreed to pay out nearly $4 million and to re-examine how it utilizes criminal-background screening. Outten & Golden attorney Cheryl-Lyn D. Bentley is quoted in Human Resource Executive magazine.

Bloomberg Law - Jon Steingart

Lawyers on opposite sides of the courtroom are cheering a recent appeals court ruling, and it’s all about procedure. That procedure deals with who can participate in lawsuits involving multiple plaintiffs seeking backpay or overtime. Outten & Golden partner Justin M. Swartz is quoted.

Bloomberg Law—Jon Steingart

Workers, businesses, and their lawyers face a different landscape for litigating under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Outten & Golden LLP Los Angeles partner Rachel Bien is quoted.

Reuters—Jonathan Stempel

Target Corp has agreed to pay $3.74 million and upgrade its hiring process to settle a lawsuit claiming its use of criminal background checks kept thousands of black and Hispanic job applicants from getting employment. Outten & Golden LLP, and co-counsel, represent the plaintiffs.

The New York Times—Business Day

Target agreed on Thursday to revise guidelines for how it screens people seeking jobs at its stores, a step meant to quell complaints that the retailer discriminates against black and Hispanic applicants with criminal records... Outten & Golden LLP, and co-counsel, represent the plaintiffs.

Bloomberg—Big Law Business—Patrick Dorrian

Target Corp. will pay $3.74 million and give priority hiring opportunities to some black and Latino job applicants to resolve charges that its criminal background check policy illegally excluded thousands of minorities from hourly and entry-level jobs. Outten & Golden LLP attorney Cheryl-Lyn Bentley is quoted.