class action news

Bloomberg Law—Ben Penn

Outten & Golden LLP partner Justin Swartz is quoted in this article about ... the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize class action waivers in mandatory arbitration agreements.

Slate—Mark Joseph Stern

The Supreme Court issued a 5–4 decision Monday in Epic Systems v. Lewis allowing employers to deprive their workers of their right to sue collectively. Outten & Golden LLP partner Juno Turner is quoted.

The Huffington Post—Emily Peck

The Me Too movement takes a massive hit from a new decision written by Justice Neil Gorsuch. Outten & Golden LLP Of Counsel Nantiya Ruan is quoted.

The New York Times—E. Tammy Kim

The ride-hailing company Uber announced that it would no longer require its employees, drivers or passengers to submit to arbitration in cases of sexual harassment and assault. The decision followed dozens of accusations of abuse by female passengers and employees, and a promise by Uber’s new chief executive to “do the right thing, period.” Outten & Golden partner Juno Turner is quoted.

Law360—Linda Chiem

The California Supreme Court's recent Dynamex decision upending the standard for determining whether workers are employees or independent contractors will trigger a fresh wave of misclassification lawsuits against trucking, logistics, port service and gig-economy companies, attorneys say, forcing many to re-evaluate their business models. Outten & Golden LLP partner Jahan C. Sagafi is quoted.

Bloomberg—By Dune Lawrence and Max Abelson

Cristina Chen-Oster’s fight with Goldman Sachs began in 2005. It just got huge. Outten & Golden LLP attorneys, with co-counsel, represent the plaintiffs.

Human Resource Executive — Jennifer Colletta

After coming under fire for what critics said was racially biased hiring practices, Target Corp. recently agreed to pay out nearly $4 million and to re-examine how it utilizes criminal-background screening. Outten & Golden attorney Cheryl-Lyn D. Bentley is quoted in Human Resource Executive magazine.