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HealthFirst Marketing Representatives Overtime Litigation


Outten & Golden LLP filed a class action lawsuit against HealthFirst, Inc., an HMO that provides Medicaid and other free health insurance programs to low-income New Yorkers, alleging that the company violated federal and state overtime laws by failing to pay overtime for hours worked over forty in a week. The plaintiffs, whom HealthFirst claims are exempt outside salespeople, are current and former Marketing Representatives who regularly worked well over forty hours per week identifying Medicaid-eligible individuals at various locations throughout New York City and Long Island and helping them sign-up for free health insurance programs. The case is called “Willix et al. v. HealthFirst, Inc. et al.” (No. 07-1143), and is currently pending in the district court for the Eastern District of New York before District Court Judge Eric N. Vitaliano and Magistrate Judge Ramon E. Reyes, Jr.

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