Stoe vs. Department of Justice


On September 27, 2021, Outten & Golden secured a jury verdict on behalf of plaintiff Debra Stoe in her gender discrimination case against the Department of Justice (DOJ). Ms. Stoe worked for the National Institute of Justice, a sub-agency within DOJ, for 20 years, and despite her exemplary performance record, she was passed over for promotion multiple times in favor of less-qualified and less-accomplished men.  The jury specifically found DOJ had discriminated against Ms. Stoe when it failed to select her as Director of her Division in 2014 (after previously passing her over for the Division Director position in 2010), and instead selected a man over twenty years younger than Ms. Stoe, who had far less experience, and who Ms. Stoe had informally trained and supervised. The jury awarded Ms. Stoe $445,000 in compensatory damages.


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