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René S. Roupinian - Employees at Solyndra weren't given 60 days notice about their impending layoffs as required by both federal and state law.


Kathleen Peratis - Sallie Krawcheck's departure from a high-ranking job at Bank of America spotlights a trend on Wall Street: Women, in recent years, have lost their jobs more often than men.


Kathleen Peratis - When Carol Bartz was fired earlier this week as CEO of Yahoo!, she was given a healthy severance package of $10 million and a non-disparagement clause.


Lewis Steel - The number of discrimination cases filed by city employees in New York has risen even as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has adopted a far less adversarial tone than his predecessor did in dealing with the city's vast work force.


Adam T. Klein - The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a massive class action on behalf of 1.5 million female Wal-Mart employees, saying there was no way a single court proceeding could determine whether they were all victims of sex discrimination.


Wayne Outten discusses Outten & Golden's broad employment law practice areas.