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Tammy Marzigliano, partner at Outten and Golden LLP, an employment law firm in New York, talks with the Employment Law Channel about how the recession has made an impact on law firms, specifically employment law firms.


Attorney Wendi Lazar of Outten and Golden, LLP in New York talks with the Employment Law Channel about the rights of both employers and employees when it comes to workplace communications using a company's computer, mobile device and the like.


Employment law attorney Paul Mollica, of Outten and Golden, LLP in Chicago, talks with the Employment Law Channel about a recent case involving formal complaints about benefits to employers.


Paul W. Mollica of Outten and Golden, LLP talks about a case against Cook County filed by a female employee who was repeatedly called a bitch by her supervisor.


The Rise of Arbitration Clauses in Job Applications and Employment Agreements, featuring Paul Mollica of Outten and Golden, LLP.


Outten & Golden's Rachel Bien discusses the National Labor Relations Board ruling last week that employers could not prevent workers from filing work-related group or class actions, essentially banning employment agreements at many companies that require workers to pursue all claims individually through arbitration.