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There are several scenarios in which professionals can seek legal help regarding pay issues. At Outten and Golden, LLP in New York, an employment law firm, with which Larry Moy is a partner, the most common problem they see is when an employee simply doesn’t get paid.


Paul Mollica, employment attorney with Outten and Golden in New York, and Chicago, talks with the Employment Law Channel about a case in New York where a disabled case worker employee was no longer able to meet the standards of his employer's flex time.


Corporate Data Use, with Employment Attorney Paul Mollica of Outten and Golden Chicago. An employee of a Connecticut-based company, when fearing termination, used her personal email address to transfer data using her desktop in Canada to locate data that was on the Connecticut-based servers and then emailed it to herself.


Kathleen Peratis, attorney and partner with Outten and Golden, an employment law firm in New York, talks with the Employment Law Channel about her recent article in The Atlantic, which is about sexual harassment cases today and how victims still choose to be silent.


Attorney Tammy Marzigliano, a partner at Outten & Golden LLP, discusses Dodd-Frank Section 922 (Whistleblower Protection) on Bloomberg BNA Insights.


Wendi Lazar, of Outten and Golden, LLP in New York talks with the Employment Law Channel, part of the Legal Broadcast Network, about social media policies in the workplace and the recent NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) decisions that have come down regarding social media