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Condé Nast settles lawsuit filed by former interns

Capitol New York—Nicole Levy

Condé Nast has settled a class-action lawsuit brought by thousands of former interns who said they were underpaid for work at the publisher's magazines.

The company agreed to pay $5.8 million to settle the suit, Reuters' Mica Rosenberg reported. Roughly 7,500 former interns at titles like Vogue and Vanity Fair will be eligible for remuneration from the settlement agreement, filed in U.S. District Court in New York. The case is only one among several lawsuits recently brought against media and entertainment companies that offer or previously offered their interns little or no pay.

The suit against Condé Nast, "Ballinger v. Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.," was filed in June 2013 by lead plaintiffs Lauren Ballinger and Matthew Leib, who alleged they had been paid below minimum wage for their respective summer internships at W magazine and The New Yorker. (According to the suit, Ballinger was paid $12 a day, regardless of the hours she worked in W's accessories department, and Leib was paid between $300 and $500 for each of his two internships at The New Yorker.

Condé Nast decided it would discontinue its internship program a few months later.

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Former interns who worked at Condé Nast as far back as June 2007 should receive payments between $700 and $1,900, Reuters reported.

Plaintiffs with similar claims have also sued ... Warner Music Group and Hearst Corp., among other media companies. ...  Outten & Golden has established itself as arguably the most prolific firm in the intern pay field, as Capital reported in June.

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